“He ain’t been Ucey” – Roman Reigns’ ex-WWE rival causes disagreement between undisputed WWE tag team champions The Usos

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has recently been the cause of a rift between the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions, The Usos.

Seth Rollins has a long history with WWE Superstar Roman Reigns



Seth Rollins has a long history with World Wrestling Entertainment Superstar Roman Reigns. The two debuted together on the main roster in 2012 as part of The Shield alongside Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose.



After this group disbanded, The Tribal Chief and The Visionary had a very historic rivalry that has resurfaced several times over the years. Earlier this year, there was also a Universal Championship match between these two in the Royal Rumble. The match ended in the victory of Superstar Seth Rollins via disqualification.

Two Bloodline members hint at Roman Reigns turning on



The Usos had a full-on disagreement with Seth Rollins, playing a game of “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” on World Wrestling Entertainment’s Arabic Instagram account. While Jey also gave The Visionary a thumbs up, his brother gave him a thumbs down.

“Thumbs up man. It’s Seth Rollins. Come on man, it’s Seth Rollins, it’s Seth Freakin’ Rollins,” Jey said. “She’s not well, brother.” Jimmy replied.


In a new WWE video, two Bloodline members hint at Roman Reigns turning on.

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