38-year-old WWE Superstar promises revenge on Bloodline member following betrayal on recent show

38-year-old WWE Superstar promises revenge on Bloodline member following betrayal on recent show

Since the 2023 Royal Rumble event, the Bloodline faction appeared to be in tatters. However, following this week’s episode of WWE RAW, Jey Uso and the rest of the stable seems to be on the same page again. For Sami Zayn, though, this has only left more unresolved issues.

At the 2023 Royal Rumble, Sami Zayn betrayed Roman Reigns, turning his back on the Bloodline to protect former friend Kevin Owens. When The Tribal Chief asked him to hit the superstar with a steel chair, it proved too much for him, and he hit Reigns instead. An utter decimation of Zayn at the hands of the faction followed, but one member stayed out of it — Jey Uso.

Jey walked out on The Bloodline and, since then, has only appeared when he was obliged to for matches or through the crowd. Uso seemed to sympathize with Zayn, even having private conversations with him. On RAW, after Zayn defeated Jimmy, Jey shared what appeared to be a painful moment with his brother before seemingly siding with Zayn by hugging him.

However, it was a ruse, and Jey then hit Zayn full across the face with a superkick. He then beat down Zayn again, asking if he really thought he would pick Sami over his own family. Now, while Roman Reigns’ family is finally reunited, Zayn is far from happy.

He promised retribution, letting everyone know what he was planning. Given that WWE SmackDown is tomorrow, fans might watch out for what the Canadian star has planned for Roman Reigns’ faction, especially Jey Uso.

“Revenge is coming,” Zayn wrote.

The star had previously broken his silence with a tweet featuring a picture of the moment Jey hugged him.

The Bloodline might have a packed WrestleMania 39 to look forward to

Except for Solo Sikoa, every superstar of the Bloodline will have a match at WrestleMania 39.

Roman Reigns is set to defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Cody Rhodes.

While it has not yet been announced, The Usos will likely be in a program with Sami Zayn. The latter is yet to convince Kevin Owens to join his side, but that appears to be an ongoing process. The two could very well challenge the Unified WWE Tag Team Titles.

Even if Sikoa is not involved in a match, that can change quickly. However, with only weeks to go before WrestleMania, it’s highly unlikely that he will be involved in a concrete feud by then.

Do you think Roman Reigns will defeat Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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