Cody Rhodes Admits His Father Wouldn’t Like His Neck Tattoo

The prominent American Nightmare tattoo on Cody Rhodes’ neck was unveiled at AEW Revolution 2020. Rhodes arrived in the arena with this new addition to his personality for his scheduled bout against the current AEW World champion, MJF.

Rhodes previously revealed that showing his tattoo to Vince McMahon helped him keep his popular presentation after joining WWE. In fact, McMahon even suggested a new logo for Rhodes.

During his appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, the American Nightmare revealed that if he had the chance to speak to his late father Dusty Rhodes one more time, one of the first things Dusty would ask about is the tattoo on his neck.

“It would be right up there in one of the first discussions because it’s one of the first things he’s gonna see.

I mean, the presentation of me today he’d need to see it in full. Like, I wouldn’t just want to walk up to him and give him a hug and start talking about the weather.

I’d almost want him to see what an entrance of mine looks like today, so he could probably take it all in and understand that and they’re like, ‘Oh, the American Nightmare. Oh, I get it.’

I do think he’d probably think the tattoo is a little big. But you know, hey, with a wrestler’s kid. We do crazy things. It’s all good. I think he needs to see the full package, though, to understand.”

Cody Rhodes

During Cody’s feud with Roman Reigns, there have been frequent allusions to Dusty Rhodes. This is because the former AEW Executive Vice President has pledged to win the WWE Undisputed Universal Title at WrestleMania 39 in honor of his father. We’ll have to see if he will be able to win the match.

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