Roxanne Perez deceased? Clearing the air around bogus rumors after health concerns

Fans have been worrying about Roxanne Perez’s wellbeing since she suddenly collapsed during an NXT show. This was elevated after her Google page displayed she was “deceased.” However, her fans can rest easy.

The NXT Women’s Champion successfully defended her title against Meiko Satomura. During the match, the champion noticeably took multiple hits to the head, which may have been the reason why she collapsed while celebrating. This prompted medics, Meiko, Shawn Michaels, and even Booker T to check on Perez before she was stretchered out of the arena.

It has since been noted that the injury is not real and was even similar to an angle used by The Heartbreak Kid in the mid-90s. With this in mind, Roxanne Perez is definitely not deceased.
Some fans previously shared a screenshot of the star’s Google page that stated she passed away on March 8, 2023, the day after NXT Roadblock. Fortunately for the superstar and those concerned about her, the “deceased” bit on her page has since been removed.

It remains to be seen what will be next for the champion after the supposed injury angle, especially now that the developmental brand is nearing its major Stand and Deliver event.

WWE Hall of Famer comments on Roxanne Perez’s health concerns after NXT Roadblock

After the 21-year-old collapsed following her spectacular title defense, many fans naturally expressed concern. To keep the injury angle going, one Hall of Famer and WWE executive decided to chime in as well.

The official account of the developmental brand shared on Twitter that Roxanne Perez was kept overnight in hospital and underwent multiple tests to make sure her health was not a concern.

This was then retweeted by Shawn Michaels. The 57-year-old praised Roxanne for her performance and wished the current NXT Women’s Champion a speedy recovery.

“What happened last night showed that @roxanne_wwe is a fighting champion. She left it all in the ring. I want to wish Roxanne a speedy recovery after a great title defense.”

EXCLUSIVE: After successfully defending the #WWENXT Women’s Championship against @satomurameiko, @roxanne_wwe suddenly collapsed and had to leave the arena in an ambulance.

Another superstar who praised Perez’s win and wished her well was former Roadblock opponent Meiko Satomura. The Japanese star claimed Roxanne has a “spirit worthy of a champion” and wished her nothing but the best.

The injury angle of the NXT Women’s Champion is certainly an interesting direction for the company. It remains to be seen when the 21-year-old will return to the promotion.

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