Sign Goldberg; Fire 2-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion – 5 Ways AEW Dynamite can beat RAW in ratings

AEW has largely played second fiddle to WWE since the young company’s inception. Although Tony Khan’s promotion completely dominated Wednesday Night Wars against WWE NXT, they are still struggling to claim the mantle of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and knock off either of WWE’s flagship shows.

But the potential is there. AEW has some of the biggest stars in the world and regularly puts on some of the best matches weekly. However, they still have some obstacles to overcome and points to improve on if they want to be seen as the top dog.

Here are five ways AEW Dynamite can beat WWE RAW in the ratings.

#5. Bring back CM Punk

CM Punk hits back at a fan & says he will wrestle again.

Whether you love him or hate him, CM Punk is a proven draw. Fans tune in from all around the world to watch the Second City Saint perform in the ring or speak on the microphone. Even just rumors of Punk’s initial return to wrestling caused a massive spike in AEW’s viewership.

The situation between AEW and the former WWE champion has been muddy, to say the least, since the Brawl-Out fiasco. However, if the parties involved are able to bury the hatchet, it would result in a huge rating boost for the Jacksonville promotion — albeit possibly at the expense of harmony in the locker room.

#4. Stop booking random matches

They need to ‘Write’ television,.

Not announce random matches without no story or build ????

One of the main selling points for AEW when they first popped into the scene was that they would position themselves as an alternative to WWE. Fans hoped this would mean the return of long-term storytelling — and for a while, AEW delivered on these wishes. However, this seems to have been a forgotten philosophy in the company.

Every week, Dynamite seems to have random matches that don’t feed into any long-term plans. The occasional exhibition match is great if done correctly, but fans are clamoring for more story-driven affairs. Tony Khan should rely less on random matches and more on layered programs if he wants more people to tune into his show.

#3. Goldberg is a proven needle mover in WWE

Goldberg set to become a free agent. Could we see him in AEW?…

Goldberg is a divisive figure in professional wrestling. He has received flack for burying younger talents and for only being able to work in one type of match. Regardless, Da Man is a draw — hence why WWE held on to him for so long.

If Tony Khan is able to, he should even bring Goldberg to AEW for a little while. He might not fit into AEW’s style of wrestling, but in many ways, that will make him appear even stronger. With Goldberg on Dynamite, more eyes will immediately be drawn to the product.

#2. Release unused talent

According To My Source, Jeff Hardy Has Been Reaching Out To WWE Officials Asking Them To Buy Him Out Of His AEW Contract, So He Can Return To WWE.

I’m Told Jeff Isn’t Happy He Was Already Sent To Dark & Dark Elevation To Work Random 8 & 10 Man Tag Matches.

One of the reasons why Dynamite can sometimes feel like a wild rollercoaster — and not in a good way, is because there are simply too many people on the roster. A wrestler might be on TV for a week, then disappear for a month. This creates an incredible amount of inconsistency and makes the show quite difficult to keep up with.

Releasing unused talents like Jeff Hardy could go a long way in improving the product. Fans can tune in every week and learn that their new favorite wrestler will appear. Allowing fans to get invested in characters will not only retain viewers but also bring in new ones along the way.

#1. Make Sting a general manager

Sting, despite his age, is still one of AEW’s most popular stars. The Icon has competed in all the top promotions, including WWE. So it makes sense why fans would tune in to see him in AEW.

As he nears the end of his in-ring career, it is important that Tony Khan can hold on to Sting for as long as possible. Giving the WCW legend a general manager role might be the way to do that. Sting already has experience as an authority figure in TNA, albeit with mixed reviews. Regardless, if AEW wants to beat RAW in the ratings, they will need to hold on to their biggest stars, and Sting is definitely one of them.

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