F*ck Goldberg” – 54-year-old WWE Star takes a shot at Former Universal Champion

Despite his legendary status, Goldberg has picked up his fair share of enemies over the years, partly due to his dangerous in-ring style. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently took a shot at the WCW legend for how he treated Bret Hart in a match.

Coming from the world of pro football, the Atlanta native had very little experience as a wrestler, but due to his look and attitude, WCW executives in the 90s were keen to have him front and center.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes after giving his opinion on Bret Hart, Kurt Angle took a shot at the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion for concussing The Hitman during their march at Starrcade 1999.

“He did get a concussion from Goldberg and then he had the stroke. Yeah, boo, f*ck Goldberg, that’s right.” [From 2:12 to 2:18]

Check out the full video below:

Despite briefly wrestling in 2000 and again in 2010 at WrestleMania 26 after his concussion, Bret Hart never truly recovered from his showdown with the Hall of Famer.

Goldberg wants to kick top WWE Superstar’s a**

Although he is approaching the age of 60, the former Universal Champion seems ready to step back into a WWE ring once again.

During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the 56-year-old stated that he’d like to face Roman Reigns once again before he finally retires.

“I’m really proud of him. I’ve dealt with some of that negativity, and it’s tough. You go out there, you work your ass off, and at the end of the day, you want to be appreciated. He’s quite dedicated. I respect that, I respect him, and I’d love to get in the ring and give him an a**-kicking, but this is his time.” (H/T SI)

Roman Reigns and Goldberg faced off last year at the Elimination Chamber PLE in Saudi Arabia, with The Tribal Chief beating the Hall of Famer to retain his Universal Championship.

Where does Roman Reigns rank amongst the greats in WWE? Let us know in the comments section below.

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