WATCH: Times WWE made huge booking mistakes

WWE is the biggest and most popular pro-wrestling promotion in the world. Over the years, it has given fans countless matches and storylines that will be cherished forever. However, not all the bookings made by the company have had a positive reception from the fans.

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Every now and then, WWE has been blamed for its poor booking. Fans have often complained about storylines that have a lot of potential, but end up going nowhere due to poor scripts and bookings. These poor bookings left fans scratching their heads and wondering what it could have been.

These booking decisions brought a lot of heat toward WWE

The five storylines we have chosen for the list in the video above are:

Kofi Kingston loses to Brock Lesnar

James Ellsworth wins the inaugural Women’s Money in the Bank

Kurt Angle’s retirement match

Roman Reigns wins Royal Rumble 2015

Goldberg defeats The Fiend

Watch the video above to recall these moments which left fans in frustration and anger.

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