If Cody Rhodes fails, someone who’s never faced Roman Reigns before could step up!

Cody Rhodes faces Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 39 next month, but if The American Nightmare isn’t successful in his quest to defeat The Tribal Chief, then someone else has to step up.

Rhodes was propelled into this position following his Royal Rumble win back in January, but following WrestleMania, the story could change, and there are already rumors that WWE will be looking to push LA Knight.

Knight carried his feud with Bray Wyatt, and even though their Pitch Black match arguably couldn’t live up to the hype, the feud proved that WWE has a new main eventer ready to be used.

LA Knight could be pushed toward Roman Reigns following WrestleMania

EVERYBODY knows you can’t have an LA Wrestlemania without LA Knight. But @wwe is late to the game, DRAGGING THEIR FEET on giving Wrestlemania the opportunity for an LA Knight moment. It’s about damn time I get a heads up. I’m done waiting

Knight doesn’t yet have a match planned for WrestleMania, but there are rumors that he will be pushed into a decent spot on the card following the show and that he could be the first Money in the Bank winner in the United Kingdom.

WWE will present the show from THE O2 Arena in London on July 1, and as soon as the show was announced, WWE fans started the rumor that Knight would walk out victorious.

Last year’s Money in the Bank winner Austin Theory shockingly used his contract on the United States Championship, yet the cash-in failed. Still, he later won the championship without needing the contract.

With Triple H in charge, Knight winning the title could have a completely different outcome, and he could have a successful run with the title before cashing in on Roman Reigns. That being said, if WWE pushed Knight and he successfully got over with the crowd, then he may not need the contract in order to be taken seriously.

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