WWE Hall of Famers claim name change is the beginning of new chapter

Two former superstars have changed their social media names and removed all references to WWE to begin their next chapter.

Nikki and Brie Bella have had a contentious relationship with WWE as of late. They were not satisfied with the female representation during WWE RAW XXX and were not shy with their criticism of the company. It appears that Nikki and Brie may be ready to move on from the company entirely.

Now known as Nikki and Brie Garcia, the twins uploaded a video to Twitter to reveal their new names and welcome fans to their next chapter:

“This next chapter of our life is about taking it to the next level, owning who we are, being unapologetically us, and fiercely walking through that open door,” said Nikki & Brie Garcia.

The Bella Twins criticize WWE after RAW XXX

RAW recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and the company brought back a bunch of legends for the special show.

The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and more appeared during the show, but many fans noticed that something was lacking. There was a lack of female legends represented on the show and The Bella Twins called out the promotion for it.

Nikki and Brie took to Instagram Live and fired shots at the company for not showcasing more talent from the women’s evolution in the company. They also criticized the company for not acknowledging Sasha Banks, now known as Mercedes Moné:

“How didn’t they showcase anything from the women’s evolution? Cause Sasha Banks is in there and they’re like, ‘we can’t, Mercedes [Varnado] is too over, we can’t say her name.’ That’s fine. When you do what they don’t want you to do, they’re gonna show you,” Nikki Bella said.

Saraya, Ruby Soho, and Toni Storm have all joined All Elite Wrestling after exiting the promotion. The trio have formed a stable called “The Outcasts,” and it will be interesting to see if The Garcia Twins make an appearance in AEW.

Would you like to see Nikki and Brie Garcia join another wrestling promotion? Do you think there is a chance they will eventually return to WWE? Sound off in the comments section below.

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