Only Goldberg match in AEW I’d have interest in” – Twitter erupts to a potential dream encounter after the 3-time world champion’s rumored WWE exit

The pro-wrestling community is vying for WWE star Goldberg to face an AEW wrestler.

Reports that the WWE Hall of Famer is set to become a free agent recently triggered a wave of speculation in the pro-wrestling world. While the 55-year-old may be past his prime, he still packs quite a punch.

As expected, many fans have started debating whether an appearance in AEW may be possible for the veteran. The general consensus seemingly indicated the former TNT Champion, Wardlow, would be a suitable opponent for Goldberg.

The potential dream match between Wardlow and Goldberg has generated a lot of hype on Twitter, leading to an outpouring of reactions.

@slick2099 Goldberg vs Wardlow might actually slap!

@JDfromNY206 Only Goldberg match in AEW I’d have interest in is Wardlow vs Goldberg. It could be good if they work around how washed Goldberg is.

@JDfromNY206 Goldberg vs Wardlow, make it happen

I don’t want to see Goldberg as a regular act in AEW, but if he came in for a one off to put over Wardlow then I wouldn’t be against it…

Goldberg set to become a free agent. Could we see him in AEW?

⭕️Fatal Creations⭕️


@JDfromNY206 Goldberg vs wardlow would be wild

@JDfromNY206 TK is a mark so I imagine he love to have Goldberg versus wardlow I’m sure TK will get a nice hard on from having Goldberg in the locker room googly eyed TK marking out over Goldberg I can see it happen

I wouldn’t mind seeing Goldberg get squashed by Wardlow

Goldberg set to become a free agent. Could we see him in AEW?

Goldberg getting mauled by Wardlow in 24 seconds. Who says no?…

Goldberg Reportedly Hasn’t Signed a New WWE Contract Yet…

Goldberg’s latest match had him going up against Roman Reigns, with the WWE Universal Title on the line.

A WWE veteran believes Goldberg does not belong in the Hall of Fame

While fans are not opposed to Goldberg appearing in AEW because of his prowess, Dutch Mantell holds a polar opposite perspective.

In an episode of Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the veteran reminisced about Goldberg and brought up his disdain for the 55-year-old star. He also spoke about how Bret Hart has a grudge against Goldberg, due to the latter kicking him in the head at Starrcade 1999, thereby ending his professional wrestling career.

“What does taking him out of the Hall of Fame do? [Nothing] Yes, sir. He’s [Hart] just mad at him. He’s pissed at him. And by right, yeah he doesn’t really belong in there. (…) I think that to take him out of the Hall of Fame, I don’t think it does anything. It just maybe appeases Bret a little bit,” he said. (0:51 – 1:32)

While people may have different opinions about Goldberg, it is certain that an appearance in Tony Khan’s promotion will provide a huge boost to the show’s legitimacy and popularity. It remains to be seen if the far-fetched possibility will become a reality in the future.

Do you think Goldberg should join AEW? Sound off in the comments below!

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