Controversial former superstar, Hall of Famer – 5 WWE Superstars who have teased joining Roman Reigns and The Bloodline

The Bloodline has become the most dominant faction in WWE over the past three years, and despite their recent issues, Roman Reigns appears to have regained control over his family.

Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn were the most recent additions to the group that was originally formed with Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, and The Usos. But it looks like there are several other current and former WWE Superstars who would be interested in joining the faction. With the former Honorary Uce being kicked out of the group, The Bloodline might be looking for a suitable replacement.

The following list looks at just five WWE Superstars who have teased joining Roman Reigns and The Bloodline.

#5. Tamina Snuka could align with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline

Tamina has been a part of WWE for more than a decade and is also a well-known member of the Anoa’i family. Snuka has helped the group behind the scenes for several years and has opened up about the prospect of joining her family in recent months.

“That’s it right there. I mean, you see it, that’s power, that’s our culture, that’s what they’re about,” she said. “I would love to join The Bloodline, but sometimes… You’ve just gotta wait on the timing.” via

Tamina even made her WWE debut alongside The Usos in 2010. So she’ll be a welcome addition to the stable.

#4. Former WWE Superstar Manu

Manu is another member of the Anoa’i family who worked for WWE from 2006 until his release in 2009. Manu is best remembered as an original member of Legacy, alongside Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, and Randy Orton.

Over the past 13 years, Manu has remained active on the Independent circuit and recently spoke to Bill Apter about the possibility of making his return to WWE to join The Bloodline.

“I like to say I’m in the prime of my career. So anything is possible and you know what they say – anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation [Entertainment],” via Sportskeeda.

#3. Naomi

Naomi is the wife of current Bloodline member Jimmy Uso and even though she hasn’t teased joining the family business herself, Paul Heyman not only hinted that she could join but claimed that she could already be a member of The Bloodline who hasn’t been seen on TV with the group yet.

The Wiseman of The Bloodline opened up about the former Women’s Champion potentially joining the group before her walkout back in May 2022.

“How do you know she’s not already at the table? Because it’s not on television? Does everything happen on television? We’re on television two hours a week and tomorrow, by the way, two and a half hours on FS1. That leaves a lot of time for the rest of the week when there are machinations and maneuvers and negotiations and strategies and things happening that you don’t see on television. How do you know she is not at the table already? Ahh! Ahh! Exactly!” via Sportskeeda.

#2. WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi could align with Roman Reigns

Rikishi is the father of The Usos and the uncle of Roman Reigns. The former Intercontinental Champion has been part of The Bloodline story off-screen. He has updated several of his opinions and even teased additions to the group online.

Rikishi is yet to join The Bloodline, but as part of an appearance on The Roadtrip After Hours podcast earlier this month, he made it clear that he would be interested.

“I think they need to add Rikishi to that mix. Rikishi is the real father. They ain’t gotta make up nothing. This is a shoot. Anybody that can straighten up their kid would be their dad. So right now, their kids are in turmoil. They just don’t know what they want to do. It’s a crisis out there. So right now, for Rikishi to step in with some law and order, I think that would be really good.”

#1. Hulk Hogan wants to join Roman Reigns’ Bloodline

The Bloodline has become such a dominant force in recent months that even WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan was once pushing to be part of the group. As part of a backstage video shared by the company on TikTok, Hogan was seen asking Paul Heyman if he could be part of the group earlier this year.

In the video, Hogan claimed that he was tired of Hulkamania and wanted to be “Uced up.” Paul Heyman laughed at the proposal, but if Hogan was able to make an active return to WWE, then being a member of The Bloodline would definitely be on his list.

Do you think any of these stars would be a good addition to Roman Reigns’ Bloodline? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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