Top UFC Champion says he is open to joining The Bloodline, backing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39

A current UFC Champion is rooting for Roman Reigns at WrestleMania and is open to the idea of joining his faction, The Bloodline.

The champion in question here is Leon Edwards, who will be defending the UFC welterweight title this weekend against Kamaru Usman. Speaking in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Edwards also joked about him joining The Bloodline.

“I don’t want my son to be upset,” says Edwards. “I’m going with Roman Reigns.” said Edwards

Edwards continued:

“Maybe I’ll be part of The Bloodline,” added Edwards. “I was really impressed. Roman met with my son after they came to Europe, and he was a true gentleman. I hope he keeps winning.”

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Booker T on the possibility of joining The Bloodline

Booker T recently commented on the idea of him joining The Bloodline. Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, the veteran suggested that he is focused on working as a commentator for NXT.

Booker went on to turn down the idea of him joining Roman Reigns and co. He said:

“Too much TV time, man. It’s too much TV time man. I ain’t got time to be getting that call every week saying, ‘hey man, we need you.’ (…) Doing NXT weeks out of the year, that’s a toll on my schedule, bro. (…) You know, and the plan of retirement for the old man, I’m serious. So, no. I’ma pass up on that job seriously,”

After weeks of speculation, “Main Event” Jey @WWEUsos returns take out the one-time “Honroary Uce of The Bloodline” @SamiZayn alongside his brothers Jimmy Uso and @WWESoloSikoa.

Reigns and his family are finally on the same page after Jey Uso recently betrayed Sami Zayn to reunite with his brothers Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa.

Jey, however, is yet to cross paths with The Tribal Chief since reuniting with the family. Reigns will be returning to WWE TV next week on Monday Night RAW ahead of his match against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania.

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