“Naomi to AEW confirmed” – Twitter erupts in speculation about 3-time champion signing with Tony Khan amid 5-month WWE absence

The pro-wrestling world recently took to Twitter to speculate about former WWE Women’s Champion Naomi switching to AEW, following her latest photos with AEW star Jade Cargill.

Both Naomi and Sasha Banks have been absent from the squared circle ever since they walked out of WWE in May this year. The two stars were tag team champions at the time, making their exit even more of a sensation.

Since their departure, they have been spotted at multiple non-wrestling events. Sasha Banks, for instance, was seen attending the premiere screening of Black Adam. More surprisingly, Naomi was spotted alongside TBS Champion Jade Cargill at a recent Hawks basketball game.

This prompted a number of fans to question whether Naomi was planning to move to the AEW roster, leading to multiple social media posts about the rumor.

@DannyDiaz60 @NaomiWWE @Jade_Cargill Never saw that coming what if Naomi goes to AEW too

@NaomiWWE @Jade_Cargill NAOMI! We waiting 4 you to come to the darkside… #AEW

First MJF and Liv, now Jade and Naomi. But I thought there was a barrier between WWE and AEW stars?

Naomi to #AEW confirmed

@rseskota there not taking anyone eles in. They are gonna be closing aew downn bestie. Tony doesnt have have that much money to take in sasha and naomi.

Anyone is on the Sasha/Naomi to AEW bandwagon is hoping Jade is talking up AEW to Naomi.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Freshly Squeezed Baddie

Bow Wow bringing in Naomi to AEW to feud with Jade would be more realistic than him bringing in Mercedes but who knows ????

@AEW @The_MJF @RealKingRegal @TBSNetwork it would be cool if @naomi_rosenblum cut a promo with max or by herself i think she would cut a amazing promo.

Not folks assuming Naomi going to AEW all cause she took a picture with Jade ????

Folks do befriend people in other wrestling companies you know.

It remains to be seen if Naomi will jump ship to Tony Khan’s Promotion in the future, or if it is all nothing but a rumor.

Ric Flair believes that Sasha Banks will return to WWE rather than joining AEW

While fans are hopeful of Sasha Banks joining Tony Khan’s roster, Ric Flair believes that is only a remote possibility.

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Flair stated that it makes more sense for her to return to the Stamford-based Promotion.

“Absolutely [can’t imagine Sasha Banks not winding up back in WWE]. She wouldn’t go there [AEW]. She’s been in Mexico wrestling too. I talked to her. I’ve talked to her a couple of times. [Betting that she would wind up back in WWE?] Yeah, if she likes to do anything, she’s looking at outside options. (…) I hope that she gets back in the business,” he said. (0:40 – 1:20)

While Tony Khan is unlikely to persuade Banks to join him, the possibility cannot be dismissed. Fans will have to stay tuned to see what is next for the Legit Boss.

Do you think Sasha Banks or Naomi will join Tony Khan’s Promotion?

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