Never Wait in Line! WWE Superstar Roman Reigns Responds to Goldberg’s ‘Who’s Next’ Challenge

Reigning WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has responded to the former champion Goldberg’s challenge in what seems to be a build-up to a potential title clash between the two in the near future.

This week on WWE’s The Bump, Goldberg appeared to give a sneak peek to the upcoming documentary on his stellar reign in the arena titled WWE Untold: Goldberg’s Streak. He took the opportunity to call out The Big Dog for a potential match-up.

The two powerhouses were originally scheduled to clash at WrestleMania 36 this year before Reigns pulled out of the contest, leaving Goldberg to face Braun Strowman at the event.

Throwing a challenge, Goldberg said he has unfinished business with Reigns, who backed out at WrestleMania 36 and that he would like to get on with it. He accused Reigns of stealing his move – the spear – before saying he is coming for him. “I may be old, I may be grey, but I’m still Goldberg,” he said. He concluded in his characteristic style saying, “Who’s next? Roman’s next.”

Roman Reigns on Thursday took to Twitter to hit back at the former Universal Champion. Without naming him, he made it clear that he was ready for the challenge, but it is he who decides “Who’s next”.

“I never wait in line. I am the attraction and I choose who’s next. And that’s Kevin Owens,” tweeted Reigns.

Roman Reigns is set to face Kevin Owens in the upcoming TLC pay-per-view event which will be the final PPV event of the WWE this year. On the line would be the Universal Championship title. Reigns and Owens have been going back and forth over the past few weeks on SmackDown and the feud is shaping up to be quite a contest, which will eventually culminate at the TLC.

It is, however, the rivalry between Reigns and Goldberg that has piqued the interests of thousands of fans. A titanic clash is surely in the making which will likely unfold in the coming months.

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