Rhea Ripley Caught Cheating with Rey Mysterio as Dominik Mysterio is Upset at Affair – WWE News

Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest are two of the Judgement day members. They are very close as stable mates and great friends outside the WWE ring as well. The Eradicator and the Punisher share a great bond with each other. Both of them often hang out and have a lot of fun together

Recently, both friends indulged in a test to prove their strengths. But it looks like The Archer of Infamy did not take his loss very well.

Damian Priest calls Rhea Ripley a cheater

A couple of days ago, shared a 32 seconds video clip via his TikTok account. The video clip shows The Former United States Champion and Former Raw Women’s Champion competing against each other in a unique test comparing their strengths. Both the stars had their wrists zip-tied.

The video clip then shows Ripley getting free from the zip tie in a matter of seconds. But Priest could not do so and the former bursts into laughter.


The Former NXT North American Champion, upset with his loss, went to his Twitter account and called Ripley a cheater. “I think @RheaRipley_WWE cheated somehow,” Damian Priest wrote.

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