Triple H’s close friend has allegedly been told to “tone it down” by WWE ahead of WrestleMania (Exclusive)

It’s WrestleMania season in WWE, and apart from the rivalries on TV, a real-life feud involving Ric Flair and Dutch Mantell has been brewing off screen. During this week’s Smack Talk, Mantell sent another message to Flair and also revealed what the WWE had told The Nature Boy.

Just when it seemed like the veterans had buried the hatchet, Ric Flair fired another salvo at Dutch Mantell, continuing their seemingly unwanted war of words online.

It’s interesting to note that Ric Flair will be the one to induct The Great Muta into the WWE Hall of Fame. However, the company might be against the 16-time World Champion attracting heat for all the wrong reasons.

Dutch Mantell revealed that WWE spoke with Ric Flair about his controversial comments and advised the legend to “tone it down” on the road to WrestleMania. The former WWE manager said the following on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s YouTube channel:

“It’s like the good old saying, tell me you’re an idiot without telling me you’re an idiot. I tried to say let’s put it behind us, but no, he is going to keep it on. I’m almost getting tired of it now, but apparently, I got more comments this week than I got last week. And I also learned something new today; I’ve heard, just heard, WWE has told Ric, ‘Hey, tone that down, buddy. See if you can get it to go away because we’re right here and WrestleMania and these fans are roasting your butt, and you’re going to induct Muta into the Hall of Fame.'” [1:20 – 2:00]

Check out the entire episode of Smack Talk down below:

I’ve heard nothing from him: Dutch Mantell on his broken relationship with WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair

Despite extending an olive branch on Twitter, Ric Flair doesn’t seem to be done with his issues with Dutch Mantell and is in no mood to get over their squabble.

Mantell and Flair have known each other for multiple decades, and naturally, several fans aren’t pleased to see the respected duo at loggerheads. Dutch admitted that while he was ready to forget and move on from his dispute with Ric Flair, The Evolution member just didn’t share the same feeling.

Mantell hasn’t had a personal chat with Flair since their highly publicized rivalry, as Dutch added below:

“It’s a bad look. So what can you do? But still, I’ve heard nothing from him, and my phone number is not hard to get. He can get it, but he hasn’t picked up the phone. He hasn’t called me. He hasn’t done anything, and this is it.” [2:01 – 2:30]

What are your thoughts on the real-life beef between Mantell and Flair? Let us know in the comments section below.

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