8-Time Champion and not Roman Reigns is the “main reason” to watch RAW, says Mark Henry

Roman Reigns is on a whole different level in wrestling right now. As the industry’s undisputed number-one star, he is set to headline his third consecutive WrestleMania. He will be in his seventh main event at the Grandest Stage of Them All, tying the record. Wrestling legend Mark Henry, however, claimed that Reigns isn’t the main reason to tune into RAW – it’s eight-time champion Cody Rhodes.

Reigns is set to face Cody Rhodes in the main event of WrestleMania 39 Night 2. Rhodes is in a unique position and is considered a favorite to dethrone The Tribal Chief after over 900 days as the Universal Champion.

On Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry was full of praise for Cody Rhodes, stating that he is the main reason to watch RAW and not the Universal Champion:

“That’s saying a lot when you got Roman Reigns, you know, on the ballot,” Henry said. “I mean, there’s a load of talent that we’re seeing that this guy is taking precedence over, and that means something. Like, he moves the needle, and he’s everything now that is kind of looked at in the office as somebody that can carry the load.” (H/T WrestlingInc)

He continued by stating that Cody Rhodes is exactly what Vince McMahon loves in a wrestler:

“Why would you bring in somebody with the aura of Cody Rhodes, where he came from in that company [AEW], and not push that guy to the moon? If you don’t, it’s a bad investment.”

Mark Henry picked Roman Reigns as the male wrestler of the year

Mark Henry still firmly believes that The Undisputed Universal Champion is the #1 wrestler in the world. Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Bill Apter in an exclusive interview, Mark Henry revealed why he thinks Reigns was the best male wrestler in 2022:

“I would have to pick Roman Reigns. Reigns would have his own gravitational pull if he was a planet. The whole show is based around him. He’s given life as a mother and father to The Usos as well as Sami Zayn. And now he’s done the same thing with Solo Sikoa. Reigns is, right now, the hottest wrestler in the world,” said Mark Henry. (1:32 – 2:10)

Check out the entire interview down below:

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