[Photo] Alexa Bliss shares recovery pictures after recent skin cancer scare

WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss has provided an update on her recovery after a recent health scare.

The former RAW Women’s Champion has been away from TV programming since her match against Bianca Belair at the Royal Rumble earlier this year. Bliss recently disclosed that she underwent treatment for ‘Basal Cell Carcinoma,’ which is a type of skin cancer.

Little Miss Bliss has been constantly providing updates on her health through social media. In a recent post on Twitter, she mentioned that the stitches and piercings are healing up quite nicely. The news came as a relief to fans who were worried about the RAW star’s health.

Check out the tweet below:

Alexa Bliss looked set to be involved in a storyline with Bray Wyatt before the WWE hiatus

Alexa Bliss has no shortage of history when it comes to working with Bray Wyatt. The former RAW Women’s Champion was involved with the Eater of the Worlds during the pandemic era and played an instrumental role in the latter’s feud against Randy Orton. However, their alliance ended at WrestleMania 37 after Bliss turned on Wyatt, costing him the match against The Viper.

While Bray Wyatt is yet to come face-to-face with Alexa since returning to WWE, the former Universal Champion has made his presence felt during multiple Bliss’ segments. Uncle Howdy has also targeted Little Miss Bliss on various occasions and it seemed like the duo were set to work together before the latter’s untimely break.

Bray Wyatt also spoke about a possible reunion with Alexa Bliss following WWE Royal Rumble 2023. The Eater of the Worlds mentioned that it is inevitable down the line:

“Well, I think that me and Alexa (Bliss) are just kind of connected forever, no matter what. It’s just kind of the way it’s gone. And where it leads, I don’t know. No one knows. But I feel like there will be something at some point, and it will be memorable, I’m sure of that,” said Wyatt.


Currently, Alexa Bliss is not on the card for WrestleMania 39 while Bray Wyatt’s status is also unclear. The former WWE Champion looked set to face Bobby Lashley before a sudden disappearance from TV programming.

The female star recently noted that she’ll be in attendance at the event and hinted at an appearance at the Showcase of Immortals.

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