Will Roman Reigns’ Bloodline implode ahead of WWE WrestleMania 39?

The chinks in The Bloodline’s armor is deepening ahead of WWE WrestleMania 39 and the latest incident might be the decisive blow to Roman Reigns’ stable. The Tribal Chief has managed to keep his family intact but has failed to be receptive to their emotions.

Since Sami Zayn sowed the seeds of a rift at the Royal Rumble, The Bloodline’s foundation has been shaken. Jey Uso disappeared and only rejoined Roman Reigns to save his twin Jimmy, who has had his share of worries from The Tribal Chief. Solo Sikoa has been trying to prove his worth after Cody Rhodes planted seeds of doubt about the enforcer.

It is only a matter of time before the thin strand of blood allegiance holding the cousins’ together snaps due to constant loyalty tests and emotional turmoil. Last week, Jey Uso was questioned. The tag team champion mentioned “he is Bloodline” but didn’t respond to Roman’s affectionate statement.

Has The Right Hand Man become conscious of The Tribal Chief’s manipulation? It is a likelihood.

jey uso was the first person to pin roman reigns on the main roster and he’ll be the same person to pin him again this time around

The Bloodline is arguably heading for an implosion. Former Women’s Champion and wife of Jimmy Uso, Naomi’s recent exit from WWE could also be a catalyst for the unfortunate event. Theories suggest Jimmy could be in a cynical mood after his wife’s confirmed departure, thereby wanting to break free of the clutches of Roman Reigns.

It will be interesting to see if WWE brings this angle to The Bloodline just days before WrestleMania 39.

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is set to fight Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39. If Triple H is planning to put the world title on The American Nightmare, a face turn by one of the Bloodline members is a huge possibility, else Rhodes will be overwhelmed by The Ones.

WWE WrestleMania 39: Paul Heyman is speculated to be on the verge of betraying Roman Reigns

The Wiseman is notorious for leaving his clients and aligning himself with other megastars who are on the brink of greatness. In the past, he has shifted from CM Punk to Brock Lesnar. Heyman was only allied with Roman Reigns as he wanted to be a part of his success story and remain in power.

Now that Roman is set to fight Cody Rhodes, Paul Heyman is aware of the implications that a potential loss could mean disruption in the power structure of The Bloodline. He teased the idea of joining Cody Rhodes a while ago, and the scenario could play out after WrestleMania 39.

Moreover, Heyman could remain a heel by joining Gunther. The Intercontinental Champion’s reign of dominance is second only to Reigns. Paul’s inclusion in Imperium would send danger signals to the locker room.

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