If Goldberg shows up in AEW there’s only one man who should confront him

With rumors of Goldberg potentially joining AEW floating around, speculation about his possible opponents has already become an interesting topic. However, one particular star could be the best adversary for him.

The star in question is none other than Miro. The Bulgarian Superstar has been away from action since his match at All Out last year. He is yet to make his return to the squared circle.

Tony Khan has already confessed that AEW is interested in Goldberg since the latter became a free agent. Naturally, a powerhouse like him would require an equally formidable foe upon his entry, like Miro.

Miro and Goldberg have already had a confrontation in WWE, where the latter laid out Miro. Their feud in AEW could be taken as a continuation of their bad blood, should Goldberg join the Jacksonville-based Promotion.

Miro’s absence from AEW has led to speculation about his backstage presence

Given the Bulgarian Superstar’s absolute dominance in the ring, his hiatus has taken a lot of fans and critics by surprise.

Speaking on The Wrestling Outlaws show, former WWE writer Vince Russo speculated that backstage heat might be the reason for Miro’s absence:

“This is the absolute real deal. Looks like a heck of a nice guy, doesn’t look like he’d be a problem to work with. I don’t know, when I see something like this… either one or two things happen. Somebody missed the boat somewhere, or for whatever reason, he looked at somebody the wrong way and he had heat. I don’t know but man, this guy was and still is money.” (03:50 – 04:25)

You can check out the full episode here:

As of now, only time will tell when Miro will return to action, and whether Goldberg will also join him in Tony Khan’s company.

Do you think Goldberg should feud with Miro if the two cross paths? Sound off in the comments section below!

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