Popular ex-WWE Superstar expecting her first child

Former WWE Superstar Kelly Kelly recently revealed that she is 14 weeks pregnant and is expected to welcome her first child on September 25th, 2023.

The former WWE Divas Champion has documented her battle to become a mother over the past few years and finally told ET earlier today that she has been dreaming about being a mother for so long.

“I am feeling amazing, I’ve been dreaming about this journey to motherhood for so long and starting a family with my incredibly supportive husband, Joe. Now that it’s here, it’s just been such a great experience.” via ET.

The former WWE star went on to note that she hasn’t had a picture-perfect first trimester, but now that she is out of it, her energy has returned and the second trimester is much better.

“Obviously, the first trimester is not so dreamy with all the morning sickness,” she shares. “But once I got out of that, the second trimester has been great. I feel like I’m myself again and have all the energy to do the things I love and missed during the first trimester like working out, etcetera.”

Former WWE Superstar Kelly Kelly has been open about her struggles with fertility in the past

Kelly has been open about her deeply personal issues with fertility over the past few years and revealed that she suffered a miscarriage back in August 2021.

The 36-year-old opened up about her past as part of her interview with ET, where she noted that it was important for her to be open because she had such a positive response from her fanbase.

“I think for me, the reason I wanted to be so open about my journey was because of the positive response I got back from so many fans and people all around the world, including men, after I shared about my miscarriage and how that experience has also affected them. The overwhelming responses of ‘Thank you so much for sharing your story, I wish it was talked about more,’ was really all I needed to be inspired to want to be a strong voice and to be open and honest about my fertility journey.” via ET.

Kelly Kelly married Joe Cobra back in 2021 and the couple is now set to welcome the newest member of their family in less than six months.

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