WWE reportedly pitched an idea to replace Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship in 2022

Roman Reigns has been the WWE Universal Champion for over two years, but it looks like the days of the Tribal Chief as the champion could end at WrestleMania 39. According to a recent report, WWE had pitched the idea of replacing the Universal Championship with the Big Gold Belt in 2022.

In 2016, the Universal Championship was introduced on the red brand. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar have been synonymous with the title and its legacy as the two stars have both crossed over 600 days as the Universal Champion either on RAW or SmackDown.

According to a report from BeltFanDan, the company had pitched the idea of replacing the Universal Championship in 2022 and bringing back the World Heavyweight Championship. However, the plans were changed and the Big Gold Belt never returned. Check it out:

“Since I’m being asked: I haven’t heard anything recent about a new WWE belt. Early 2022 I heard the Big Gold was pitched as Universal replacement. + Vince wanted a new unified belt for WM 40. I haven’t heard anything in a very long time but could be I’m out of the loop.”

According to recent reports, Triple H has approved a new World Championship for the company. It will be interesting to see if a new title debuts in the near future or not.

Roman Reigns could reach 1000 days as the WWE Universal Champion
In 2020, Roman Reigns returned after a brief hiatus during the pandemic and turned heel for the first time in his singles career. A week later, he won the Universal Championship from ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt.

After several defenses, he broke Brock Lesnar’s previous record as the Universal Champion of over 500 days. After feuding with the Beast Incarnate, he unified the WWE Championship with the Universal title at WrestleMania 38.

The Tribal Chief recently crossed 900 days as the Universal Champion and it looks like Reigns is aiming to reach 1000 days as champion and could do so in May 2023.

The Tribal Chief, however, needs to go through Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39 for both the titles before accomplishing this feat in the company. It looks highly unlikely that he will cross 1000 days as the champion in the company.

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