A 2-time tag team champion’s son looks destined to become the next Goldberg in WWE

It’s pretty astonishing when you realize that in 2023, a 56-year-old Goldberg is one of the hottest free agents around after the expiration of his WWE deal. All indications are that WWE might not re-sign the former Universal Champion, and they might not even need him as they seem to have already found a superstar like him, Bron Breakker.

Rick Steiner’s son has been one of the breakout stars in WWE since he began his NXT run, quickly winning the brand’s top title and establishing himself as a massive prospect for the future. Breakker has grown incredibly fast and, at 25, is paving the way for a bright future. While Bron has done a commendable job of standing out from the rest of the pack, the comparisons with Goldberg are undeniable.

Like the former WCW Champion, Bron Breakker also played football in the state of Georgia before committing to a career in professional wrestling. He admittedly grew up idolizing Goldberg, which is evident from the matching tattoo on his left arm, which he later revealed he regretted getting and termed a mistake.

Nonetheless, the two-time NXT Champion is a huge admirer of Goldberg and has showcased the same kind of dominance and vigor whenever he steps inside the squared circle. The Hall of Famer even acknowledged that Bron Breakker is essentially a younger version of himself.

During a fascinating interview on the Roman Atwood podcast last year, Goldberg waxed lyrical about the young WWE star and spoke about the obvious similarities between them.

“Rick Steiner’s son, who’s now Bron Breakker, who’s the champion of NXT. It’s kind of like the farm… it’s not the farm league; I’ll get lambasted for that. But it’s another segment of WWE of the new up-and-comers, basically. Well, he’s me basically,” revealed the former world champion. “He’s spearing dudes, and they wanted him to jackhammer people. He’s the son of one of my best friends, and I love this kid.” [H/T Fightful]

Considering the close friendship between Goldberg and Rick Steiner, the former WWE star was even happier to see Bron Breakker grow into a mature performer this early in his career.

Goldberg has spoken to Bron Breakker on multiple occasions in the past. He recalled seeing the NXT star when he was his son Gage’s age and was super proud to see how he’s handled his business in recent years.

The NXT Champion has even promised Goldberg to help out Gage, who is currently following in his father’s footsteps and trying to make a name for himself as a footballer.

Bron Breakker shares the same freakish athletic capabilities that made Goldberg a household name in WCW and later in WWE. Getting the backing of the veteran proves that Rick Steiner’s son could indeed be Goldberg’s second coming in pro wrestling.

Is Bron Breakker in line for a long-awaited WWE main roster call-up?

Having recently crossed 350 days as the NXT Champion, it’s safe to say that Bron Breakker has had a successful stint with the title in his second reign.

The 2022 “Rookie of the Year” winner is scheduled to defend the championship against Carmelo Hayes at the NXT Stand & Deliver event on April 1. The ideal booking decision would be for him to drop the belt and move on to the next phase of his exciting career.

There have been rumors swirling around for months regarding Breakker’s eventual jump to RAW or SmackDown, but NXT officials have been patient with him and have refrained from letting him go just yet. That could all change after WrestleMania 39, as reports suggest he could be one of the few NXT talents who deservedly gets called up to the main roster.

The timing’s perfect for Bron to showcase his skills on a bigger stage, and if his performances on the developmental brand are anything to go by, he has the potential to outshine Goldberg’s accolades in the coming years.

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