Goldberg signs, Sad departure, WWE veteran returns – 5 stunning announcements Tony Khan could make on AEW Dynamite

Goldberg signs, Sad departure, WWE veteran returns – 5 stunning announcements Tony Khan could make

AEW is building momentum on its way to Double Or Nothing 2023, which is set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada for the fifth straight year.

Dynamite is coming to New York City so there is a high chance that Tony Khan will be planning a stacked card. We could be in for a few stunning surprises and announcements hot off the heels of ROH Supercard of Honor. But which one is most likely to happen? Let’s take a look.

#5. AEW and WWE talent trade

1 yr ago today I took my career back. Man, 2021 was wild, I was involved in 3 PPV main events for 3 different companies & had some special moments. That being said, @AEW is my home for the rest of my career. So what do I want in 2022? The world, Chico, and everything in it.

WWE WrestleMania 39 may have multiple surprises in store, but we could potentially witness the return of an iconic stable from The Attitude Era.

Edge and Finn Balor are set to do battle inside the satanic Hell in a Cell structure on WrestleMania Night 2. While the Judgment Day member has teased the return of his Demon alter-ego, the Rated-R Superstar could be bringing back an old partner from The Brood.

Gangrel is reportedly on his way to Los Angeles, California, to accompany Edge during his entrance in a remake of The Brood’s classic goth appearance. There are no hints of AEW star Christian’s return, though.

Christian Cage is currently signed to AEW and last wrestled against ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry at AEW Revolution. There is however a possibility that Tony Khan could allow Captain Charisma a one-time appearance at Mania in exchange for a WWE talent to return the favor at one of AEW’s future shows.

#4. Stadium show in UK

@BackupHangman I’d say after the inaugural show at Craven Cottage, AEW could explore the possibilities of running future UK shows at the London stadium (which holds similar numbers to the Principality stadium which WWE is running for their Wales show)

Tony Khan has previously discussed plans for AEW to make its UK debut in London and expand into international touring in the future.

Khan spoke during the Revolution media scrum and discussed the company’s plans for debuting in the country, as well as his relationship with TV partners in the UK.

It makes sense given that Tony is active in Premier League football with Fulham. Craven Cottage would make it the perfect venue for a wrestling supershow if he chooses to do so.

While the company’s focus will naturally be on Double or Nothing next month, perhaps we could finally be getting that UK show announcement as soon as the next Dynamite.

#3. Jeff Hardy’s return

This Jeff Hardy situation isn’t an AEW or a WWE issue and people need to stop playing that game.

Jeff Hardy has so many demons. He needs help and he needs it now.

Jeff Hardy has given his body to wrestling and now wrestling needs to help him.

It’s as simple as that

Jeff Hardy was arrested back in June 2022 for driving without a license and a felony DUI, which put his AEW career in jeopardy before it could truly begin.

According to PW Insider, Jeff Hardy underwent another pre-trial hearing on February 23rd, in Florida. As per reports, Hardy’s case was closed after he submitted a No Contest plea to all DUI charges. As a result, his jail time was reduced to 38 days, but his driver’s license has been suspended for the next ten years.

Once Jeff serves out his sentence, he should be cleared to return to All Elite Wrestling. Here’s hoping we get an update soon, even as soon as Dynamite next week.

#2. Releases CM Punk

CM Punk was apparently close to returning to AEW.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest WON, Punk and AEW had agreed in principle to an agreement after Tony Khan decided he wanted Punk back before Punk’s Instagram post. Where things are at now is unknown.

The Second City Saint has been a controversial figure in All Elite Wrestling since the events of All Out last year. His recent Instagram post brought him back into the spotlight just when it was thought that he and Tony Khan were making some headway in repairing their relationship.

Perhaps that is the last straw with regard to the Straight Edge Superstar’s time with the company. Tony Khan needs to make a decision on CM Punk sooner rather than later. It would be a shame for things to end this way, but perhaps it’s best for all parties involved for Tony to announce Punk’s departure on Dynamite.

#1. Goldberg signing

In 2019, AEW had a lot of interest in Goldberg for when they started up

But WWE made him what was considered an amazing offer at the time.

Goldberg is one of the biggest names in the wrestling industry and his free agency has certainly piqued Tony Khan’s interest. The All Elite President has also admitted that he is keeping a close eye on the WWE veteran’s status.

Goldberg certainly has enough star power to draw eyes towards the company. Coming out of WrestleMania weekend, it’s important that Tony manages to capture the attention of the wrestling audience. What better way than to bring in the WCW legend.

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on AEW Dynamite

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