Details on shoes John Cena wore at WrestleMania; Superstar quietly pays homage

John Cena made his return to WrestleMania after three years. He challenged Austin Theory for the United States Championship. While Cena came up short, there was a small detail that many fans may have missed from the match.

During the match, while the referee was down, John Cena had the United States Champion locked in the STF. Theory tapped out, but the referee didn’t see it. Cena, thinking that he had won the title, broke the hold only to be hit by a low blow from his opponent. Theory hit Cena with the A-Town Down to clinch the win and retain his United States Championship.

Much to the surprise of many fans, the shoes that the Dr. of Thuganomics wore to his WrestleMania match had an underlying meaning. He wore the Kowloon Nike Sneakers, which represented his favorite restaurant back in Massachusetts. The restaurant is said to be frequented by many wrestlers.

Thank you @JohnCena for wearing our Kowloon Nike Sneakers at Wrestlemania 39 in LA!

The last time the sixteen-time Champion was in a match at the Show Of Shows was at WrestleMania 36, where he lost to Bray Wyatt in the Firefly Funhouse match. This year was no different for The Leader of The Cenation as he fell prey to the future of WWE, Austin Theory.

What record would have been broken if John Cena had won his WrestleMania match?

John Cena is no stranger to breaking and setting records. The man is one Championship victory away from breaking Ric Flair’s sixteen World Championships record. However, Cena was on the verge of breaking another record had he won his match against Theory.

Since @JohnCena remains at 405 days with the United States Championship, he stays in 2nd place on the list of most days with the US Title in the @WWE era of the championship. The Superstar at the top of the list is @The305MVP, who held the title for 419 days.

A stat posted on Twitter by Wrestling Stats & Info details that Cena has enjoyed being US Champion for 405 days together, putting him in second place below MVP. The former member of the Hurt Business has held the Title for 419 days collectively.

Had the former WWE Champion beaten Theory and held on to the US Championship for over two weeks, he would have surpassed MVP’s record.

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