Seth Rollins thinks WWE should re-sign out-of-contract superstar

Top WWE Superstar Seth Rollins has stated that the company’s higher-ups should absolutely re-sign Logan Paul to a new contract after his current deal recently expired.

Last night at WrestleMania 39, Seth Rollins and Logan tore the house down during their highly entertaining one-on-one match that saw the former Universal Champion come away with a hard-fought victory.

Speaking to Kayla Braxton on The Bump, Seth Rollins said that despite his ill feelings towards Paul, WWE should absolutely re-sign him to a new contract.

“I know he’s been talking about his contract being up with WWE. He said they would be stupid if they didn’t resign him and it pains me to say but I might agree a little bit. When you go to battle with somebody like that like we just did in front of 70,000 strong here in Los Angeles, things change, your perspective changes a little bit.” From [58:00 to 58:22]

Check out the full video below:

Despite having only been wrestling for a year, Logan Paul has taken some of WWE’s biggest stars to their limits, including Rey Mysterio, The Miz, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins.

Roman Reigns wants to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania

Having both made names for themselves as members of the iconic faction, The Shield, both Roman and Seth’s WWE careers have always been intertwined with one another.

During a recent interview with ESPN MMA, Roman Reigns was asked which superstar he would like to face in a future WrestleMania main event.

“I think Seth is a good answer. We have a lot of open-ended history. I think there’s a lot of competitive brotherhood there. There is an estranged love due to our past history. There’s always been – and this is just Seth – an underlying friction to where we can easily butt heads. And that’s caused us, as we move further away from The Shield, to plant our feet on the line we’ve drawn in the sand. I couldn’t run away from this business. This is all he’s ever wanted to do, and I’m just better than him. That’s not a lie. I’m better than him.” [16:05 – 17:31] H/T [Sportskeeda]

The last time Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns faced off was for the Universal Championship at the 2022 Royal Rumble, in what was one of the best matches of the year.

Who will leave WrestleMania 39 as Undisputed Champion? Give us your predictions in the comments section below.

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