Top 5 Wrestlers Embarrassing Moments in WWE! OMG Shocking.

Trish Stratus was revolutionary before it was cool to be revolutionary.

The phrase “women’s revolution” is thrown around with a sort of recklessness on WWE television today, a buzz term used to describe the time and effort put into women’s wrestling in this era of Vince McMahon’s sports-entertainment empire.

Stratus ignited a fire for women’s wrestling in WWE and led a revolution that brought the sport back to the forefront of a product most recognizable for its exploitation of female talent. While it was never a smooth ride on the road to legitimacy as a worker, she altered the perceptions of fans as to what, exactly, women in the industry were capable of.

By the time she retired in 2006, she left behind a legacy full of championships and accomplishments, as well as a number of best, worst and most outrageous moments.

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