Idols SA’ S14 winner Yanga struggling to make ends meet

Idols SA’ S14 winner Yanga struggling to make ends meet

Singer Yanga Sobetwa recently celebrated her 22nd birthday and took the opportunity to reflect on her personal struggles with mental health. The winner of Idols SA season 14 shared on Instagram that she has successfully overcome depression and anxiety. In her post, Yanga expressed gratitude for making it to this point in her life, despite facing numerous challenges, including suicidal attempts, severe depression and anxiety, and trauma. She attributes her survival to God’s grace.

Yanga Sobetwa
Yanga Sobetwa: Image source @Instagram

In addition to reflecting on her past struggles, Yanga shared exciting news about her plans. The gospel singer announced that she has an upcoming recording on July 1st, 2023 and encouraged her followers to buy tickets and support her in living her purpose.


Yanga won Idols SA in 2018 when she was only 16 and in grade 11.

In the following year, she slammed reports claiming she regrets taking a break from matric and she was depressed.

She took to social media and said,

“I don’t regret taking a break from doing my matric for this year. The worst part about this story is they called me and the lady I spoke to seemed very understanding and warm at heart, kanti. I never said I did.”

She further said that she would write her exams in June and December 2020.

“I tried doing matric full time the first six months this year, my fellow Rhodians are my witnesses. I missed a lot of classes because I was working on my album, I was travelling a lot, therefore I could only manage preparing for exams but assignments and class tests played a huge role but I couldn’t do them. It was a very difficult decision, shame. For me, I felt like I failed whereas I did not. I just needed more time than normal full-time students. That’s why I’ll be writing four subjects in June next year and the other three in December.”

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