‘I’m not dating him’, Minnie Dlamini Addresses Speculation About New Relationship with Yanga Chief

‘I’m not dating him’, Minnie Dlamini Addresses Speculation About New Relationship

Rumours have been circulating that Minnie Dlamini is dating again following her divorce from Quinton Jones last year. According to ZiMoja, the mother of one was seen getting cosy with rapper Yanga Chief a few months ago.

The actress, known for her role in “Honeymoon,” and the “Tatakho” hitmaker were allegedly spotted together at AKA’s Mass Country listening session in Bryanston. They were also reportedly seen together at the launch of “Honeymoon.”

Minnie Dlamini
Minnie Dlamini: Image source @Instagram

An unnamed source told the blog that while they initially thought Minnie and Yanga were just friends, it has become clear that there is more to their relationship. “Their bond is undeniable,” the source said.

In response to these rumours, Minnie denied that she was dating Yanga. She explained that they had been friends since 2010, and he used to date one of her friends. Minnie also stated that she is enjoying being single and receiving attention.

“I’m not dating him. We are tight and have been mates since 2010. He used to date one of my girls. I’m not dating, but enjoying the single life and the attention,” the blog quoted Minnie saying.

Minnie in an interview said she never thought she would get divorced. Relebogile Mabotja invited her on her 702 podcast named The Upside of Failure where she opened up about the divorce and public perception.

“When people over-sensationalise, over-dramatise, create lies about you, it’s one of the most painful things because I can’t shut from the rooftops to everyone and explain my truth. At the end of the day, I also feel as though I don’t need to. As long as my close family and friends know what the truth is and what is going on, those are the relationships and those are the people that I feel I owe an explanation to. Everyone else will just figure it out when they figure it out,” said the actress.

“People need to understand that when a marriage ends, it doesn’t end at the announcement or the day before the announcement, it ends long before that. By the time I announced, I had gone through a lot of the processes already. At the time of the announcement, it felt like a really big relief and a weight off my shoulders,” Minnie added.

She further stated, “I never imagined getting divorced. I always thought that I would raise my kids how I was raised. I just felt like for me, timing was off, I felt like I didn’t know myself. Furthermore, I went on to further lose myself in my marriage.”

“I think the failure part is on my part from not being able to pick up what was right for me at a time before I went all the way… You know, in relationships you always know, when you look back, you’re like ‘that was a red flag, and that was a red flag… you’re a red flag!’ I’m not pushing the blame in any way, shape, or form but you’re either a red flag and you’re not acknowledging it or they have red flags and you’re not acknowledging it.”

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