Throwback: A look at Zahara’s ‘drunk’ dance on TikTok, which got Mzansi talking

Throwback: A look at Zahara’s ‘drunk’ dance on TikTok, which got Mzansi talking

On the 7th of January 2022, Zahara shared a video of herself dancing a popular dance in Mzansi on TikTok. The Loliwe singer held a cone of plain vanilla soft-serve ice cream and danced outdoors in what looked like a shopping complex. She received trolls from Twitter and Tik Tok, but her true fans quickly came to her defence. A few fans recognized the place as Zeerust in the North West Province.

People reminisced about when Zahara joined the music industry; she was straight from the villages, had an air of innocence, had a very bubbly personality, and sang songs that touched the hearts of many people. Zahara was trolled after some fans assumed she was drunk when she shot the video. Zahara was asked what was wrong with her.

Zahara was also body-shamed after the release of the video. People made fun of how her jeans made her butt look flat. When performing, she usually wears flowy dresses that give the illusion of a wide hip and butt region.

Zahara’s previous drinking problems

After having monetary disputes in the first record label she was signed to TS Records, Zahara was under stress and pressure, so she started drinking. She was spotted drunk on numerous occasions and even admitted to the hospital for liver disease. In 2018, doctors told her to stay away from the bottle so her liver could recover; there was a relative present to help her on that journey.


Zahara: Image source @Instagram


Fans that came to Zahara’s defence

Fans said Zahara wasn’t drunk on the video. She was just an ordinary person having fun. Most people go on Tik Tok to post fun videos anyway, and Zahara is no different. Fans also rubbished claims Zahara could be back on the bottle as she has reinvented herself. On body shaming, people were reminded not to make jokes about other people’s bodies as we were not born the same. Besides, body shaming in 2022 is just childish.

Watch Zahara’s Tiktok dance video
Watch: Zahara’s drunk dance on TikTok has fans defending her

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