Londie London reveals reasons behind divorce with Hlubi Nkosi

Londie London reveals reasons behind divorce with Hlubi Nkosi

On the latest episode of ‘RHOD’, Londie London disclosed that her ex-partner and father of her two children, Hlubi Nkosi, shows no concern for their kids.

During the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) released on Showmax on Wednesday, January 15th, Londiwe Siphiwokuhle Zulu, a singer and reality star commonly known as Londie London, disclosed that Hlubi Nkosi, the father of her children, showed no interest in their kids.

Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi
Londie London and Hlubi Nkosi: Image source @Instagram

Annie Mthembu and Sorisha Naidoo talked with Londie London on the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD), even though Londie is no longer a part of the third season of the Showmax popular reality show due to her relocation to Johannesburg. Previously, the singer was romantically involved with businessman Hlubi Nkosi, with whom she has two children, and it is said that Nkosi paid lobola for Londie, and they resided together.

Before she departed from Durban, she appeared in the previous and current episodes. During a conversation with Annie and Sorisha, Londie disclosed that her children’s father was indifferent towards their well-being.

“He doesn’t care about the kids. I’m just scared you know? I feel like I’ve let my kids down,” she continued.

Londie London
Londie London: Image source @Instagram

Annie and Sorisha comforted Londie by assuring her that she had done her best. After hearing their words, Londie expressed her love for him with all her heart and emphasized the significance of their relationship. Londie was in tears as she attempted to explain the situation to the women.

“I didn’t have the support I needed, especially from the father,” she told them.

“The breakup was complicated because we had different values and opinions. We just weren’t on the same page.”

Londie continued, admitting that she was emotional because she never imagined herself as a single mother of two. When it came to the accusations of infidelity, Londie addressed them directly.

“I don’t know the woman they’re talking about. She had nothing to do with our breakup. I don’t even remember there being a pregnant side chick. I still don’t know who she is,” she added.

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