Videos: Watch Dineo Ranaka’s Umlando challenge dance which got her fired from Metro FM

Videos: Watch Dineo Ranaka’s Umlando challenge dance which got her fired from Metro FM

Twitter trolled Dineo Ranaka after posting a video of herself partaking in the Umlando challenge. She managed to get the part about shooting in different locations right, but her dancing was not appealing.

When a person is doing the Umlando dance, the hip region should move in slightly circular, forward and back motions, but the Metro FM presenter was moving her hips sideways. The first shot of her dance was in the SABC studio corridors, and the second was near a long window in the building; the third was on top of a chair. The last shot was on top of a desk.

Fans had the following to say

Fans were not impressed with the video at all. People made comments like, “This video looks painful; it just doesn’t look right.” one person said celebrities should let these challenges pass. A tweep said Ms Ranaka looks like she’s riding a bicycle. Dineo wasn’t the only one trolled; people went on and laughed at the cameraman.

Dineo Ranaka
Dineo Ranaka. Image Credit – Instagram

Devil jokes

Three weeks ago, the Metro FM presenter trended on social media for publicly shouting at her now ex-boyfriend Sechaba Thole. As she was scolding him, she said, “When I wake up, the devil gets a headache.” People commented on her Umlando challenge video, saying the devil has a headache now. Some tweeps went as far as saying the devil is shaking, denoting that she is the devil.

From having a marriage that lasted for a short while to shouting at her now ex-boyfriend. She was also trending for not paying a make-up artist she hired to promote her makeup brand and threatening her with her social status. Now, she’s trending again for a failed attempt at the Umlando challenge. There are assumptions she’s going through many things and that her mental health is slightly unbalanced due to all her stress. All of these things are happening in such a short space.

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