Real Housewives of Durban: Nonku and Slee Resolve Their Issues

Real Housewives of Durban: Nonku and Slee Resolve Their Issues

After a brief disagreement, Slindile “Slee Wendy Ndlovu and Nonku Williams, the hit reality show Real Housewives of Durban stars, reconciled their differences and resumed their friendship. This follows Slee‘s announcement that she is ending her friendship with Nonku.

The 8th episode of RHOD saw Slee invite Nonku to try and sort out their friendship issues. This was after Nonku had welcomed Slee into the group, and a few episodes passed, causing a strain on the friendship. When

Mzansi was first introduced to Slee at the start of the new season; they were in awe of the friendship between her and Nonku. But it was clear that the two would need to discuss their problems in order to find their way back to each other.

Nonku Williams
Williams: Image source @Instagram

Despite their disagreements, Nonku still cares for Slee, and for their childrens friendship, the two must remain cordial with each other. As the children of Slee and Nonku are close, they want to ensure their friendship continues to thrive.

“Obviously, we’ve been avoiding each other and I know it intentionally. I just had to and all of that because I don’t know where I stand with you. I don’t want to lose you as a friend. I still consider you — I mean I still care very much about you. I just wanna know what the problem is,” said Nonku.

Slee explained that she had distanced herself from Nonku due to a lack of trust in her.

Nonku and Slee Resolve Their Issues

“The way things transpired and unfolded everything that you brought about me has only been from a negative point of view”

“However, the reason why I sort of backed away is my lack of trust because I was afraid that if I have you in my personal space, whatever I do the following day, I’ll hear it or you will share it within the group space,” she said

Nonku expressed her sadness over the fact that their friendship had drifted apart, stating that she had thought they would have each other‘s back.

Slindile "Slee" Wendy Ndlovu
Slindile “Slee” Wendy Ndlovu: Image source @Instagram

Slee commented that it would take a mile to build trust between them. Nonku offered her support, saying, “Whatever you need if I can help and its within my reach, I will always be there for you.” She also apologized for using the fword during their disagreement when they were with their fellow housewives.

Slee thanked Nonku for making time for her and shared what true friendship means. “If I have you as a friend to me, you are a sister to me,” she concluded.



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