The end is near: Mazet ‘Siphesihle Ndaba’ exit Gomora after the show was cancelled

Siphesihle Ndaba has announced her departure from the popular television show Gomora, where she played the character Mazet. She is the most recent actress to leave the show, which first premiered in March 2020 and is currently in its fourth and final season. In mid-April, Mzansi Magic announced that the show would be canceled. Siphesihle took to her Instagram account to express her gratitude for her time on the show and shared some final photos of herself as Mazet.

Siphesihle Ndaba
Siphesihle Ndaba: Image source @Instagram

“Goodnight my love. What an honour it has been to play with you. From the bottom of my heart; Thank you , @mzansimagic , @dstvza . Thank you Gomora family. Thank you for opening your hearts to this very complex character. I’m forever humbled by the love. The end of one era is the birth of another. See you on the next one,” she captioned her post

Speaking on how she landed the role, she wrote a lengthy thread on Twitter about the audition process and her impostor syndrome.


“I saw an open audition advertised on Instagram. I had just graduated so I thought, ‘meh, let me go check this out, I have nothing better to do with my day’. I get to the audition venue, I look around and I see some really talented people who are already in the industry.


“I think to myself, ‘LOL, if these people are auditioning for this role there’s no way I’m getting it so let me just save myself the trouble and go home’. As I approach the gate to leave and catch a taxi, I stop and think to myself, ‘s**t, when my mom asks me how it went I’d have to tell her I didn’t go through with it; that I came all the way here, succumbed to my fears/chickened out and went back home”. she wrote.

The last season of the drama series premiered on April 24 and the final episode will air on October 20.

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