Lamiez Holworthy On Embracing Her Body After Giving Birth

the popular Metro FM DJ, recently took to Instagram to share her journey of embracing her body after giving birth. She posted a vibrant picture of herself welcoming the spring season in a colourful dress, expressing that she feels amazing about her body.

A Message of Empowerment

In her post, she wrote a powerful message to all women, encouraging them to embrace their bodies and wear whatever makes them feel good. She wrote, “Dear ladies, if you needed a sign to wear those summer dresses, shorts, bikinis and skirts — even with your big thighs, legs, stretch marks, cellulite and hyperpigmentation — here it is.”

Lamiez Holworthy On Embracing Her Body After Giving Birth

Lamiez admitted that she almost let her insecurities get the better of her. However, she realized that she feels amazing and looks amazing, despite the so-called ‘flaws’ that society often makes women feel uncomfortable about. She boldly stated that if she doesn’t have an issue with them, she doesn’t see why anyone else should.

Dealing with Trolls

Lamiez is no stranger to social media trolls and has often been the target of body-shaming comments. Despite this, she continues to stand strong and is known for her assertive responses to these trolls.

She also reflected on the tendency of people to find joy in the failures and pain of others. She expressed concern about how people often choose to destroy rather than build each other up. She also pointed out how bold people can be behind their keyboards, sharing negative thoughts without hesitation


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