‘Send him back to America’: SA turns their backs on Trevor Noah

Recently, South African social media users have been vocal about their feelings towards internationally renowned comedian Trevor Noah. This comes after rumors circulated that he had secured a deal worth R33 million with the Department of Tourism.

The Rumor and Its Impact

Trevor Noah, a comedian and former US talk show host, was rumored to have secured a lucrative deal to feature in a five-minute promotional video endorsing South Africa as a top tourist destination. Despite Noah reportedly dismissing these rumors, they seem to have had an impact on his fanbase. A number of social media users appear to have distanced themselves from him.

SA turns their backs on Trevor Noah

Noah recently performed at the GrandWest Casino in Cape Town, with award-winning comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout opening for him. He also performed at the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC). However, some fans and social media users are no longer entertained by him. They accuse him of having changed, becoming unrelatable, and simply just not funny anymore.

Public Reactions

South Africans seem to be unimpressed with Trevor Noah. Here are some comments from social media users:

  • “Send him back to America. He was so keen to leave,” commented @RonaldcDeroche.
  • “He’s woke infected, just not funny anymore,” said @JamesvandenH.
  • “Over-rated and not funny at all,” reacted @PJB00007.
  • “Trevor should go to America forever. We’ve divorced him since he went left-wing Democratic Woke,” commented @raath_gerald.



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