Man Utd’s future is in 3 Russian brothers hands including Ibragimov – a youngster plays 2 games in a day for U18 and U21 Man Utd

Man Utd’s future depends on three Russian brothers
But rising star Amir Ibragimov did just that in January. After scoring the decisive goal to help Man Utd’s Under-16 team beаt their rivals, the teenager changed fields and helped the Under-18 team win the match. Another match was also against Liverpool with a score of 3-2.
It’s no surprise that Ibragimov quickly became famous in Man Utd’s academy. This Dagestan-born striker was even invited by Erik ten Hag to train with the first team afterwards.
However, Amir is just one member of a very talented sports family. His two younger brothers – Gazir and Muhammad – are also on Man Utd’s roster, while Amir’s older brother Ibragim, 19, is an MMA fighter with a professional record of 6-0-0.
Previously, fans had witnessed the Neville brothers and the Da Silva twins shine in Man Utd colors. In the future, maybe fans will be able to watch the three Ibragimov brothers play together at Old Trafford one day.

MU's future depends on 3 Russian brothers? - Photo 2.
Amir Ibragimov (right) is shining at Man Utd’s youth level
Currently, most of the attention is focused on 15-year-old Amir, who played for Man Utd’s U18 team when he was just 14 years old.
Born in the Dagestan region of Russia, Amir and his family moved to England when he was 11 years old and his performances at Sheffield United’s academy quickly attracted attention from top clubs.

Man Utd won the bаttle for Amir’s signature and quickly realized that he has quite a lot of talent. Amir has been trusted with the captain’s armband for both the U14 and U15 teams of the “Red Devils”.

Coach Raducio King, who oversaw Amir’s trial at Man Utd, summarized this young star’s playing style in an interview with Manchester Evening News.

“His never-give-up mentality is what impresses me the most – if you need someone to run really fast because there’s a counter-аttаck, he’s the guy you need,” King said.

“I haven’t seen many people who can run like him. I can see him playing well as a number 10, like Wayne Rooney’s role, moving forward, passing, tackling, attacking… .”.

“We don’t want Amir to lose his flair or creativity. He has all the ingredients to succeed.”

MU's future depends on 3 Russian brothers? - Photo 3.
Amir is compared to one of the Man Utd legends, Rooney

Amir Ibragimov’s nаme is better known thanks to his remarkable gesture in the Man Utd youth team’s match against Tottenham at Carrington training ground in 2022.

After he fell in the Spurs penalty area, the referee pointed to the penalty spot, causing Tottenham players to appeal. Amir Ibragimov himself also realized the injustice, so he simply rolled the penalty into the goalkeeper’s hands gently.

That match ended 2-2 and the above penalty could be a turning point. But nonetheless, the youngster has received many compliments for his attitude.

In July 2022, Amir helped Man Utd win the prestigious Youth Suρer Cup in Northern Ireland and on the same day, he committed to a new contract with the club. This contract will last until he turns 17 and can sign a professional contract if he continues to impress.

In April, when he just turned 15, Amir was invited to train with Ten Hag’s first team for the first time. He documented this milestone on his Instagram account with a picture of Adidas shoes.

Also on this personal page, Amir has a photo taken with legendary Man Utd coach Sir Alex Ferguson. He is said to be an admirer of Amir’s talent. Amir also paid respect to the strategist by captioning: “The Boss”.

MU's future depends on 3 Russian brothers? - Photo 4.
Amir took a photo with Sir Alex Ferguson

As a player with a winning mentality, Amir is exactly what Man Utd needs. He and his brothers are expected to represent the future of the club.

Gazik, who currently plays for the U14 team, plays as a center back. He had a short time at Man City’s academy before transferring to Man Utd. Muhammad did the same thing to ensure the three brothers stood together.

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