CM Punk provides update; appears to still be trapped at WWE HQ

CM Punk looks to have been trapped at WWE HQ overnight. The multi-time champion was unable to watch Backlash France on Saturday due to a mishap, and now it appears the debacle is still ongoing.

Punk hosted the Backlash France Kickoff pre-show on Saturday, along with Big E and Jackie Redmond at company HQ in Stamford, Connecticut, and after it was over The Second City Saint went to the bathroom to change out of his suit. The 45-year-old took to Instagram to reveal he was locked in the bathroom, for so long that all employees had left the building. The former AEW star also claimed he missed his flight, and was unable to watch Backlash.

Punk checked in with fans via Instagram Stories today, seemingly to reveal that he is still there. The former AEW World Champion posted two clips that show him walking down a hallway at WWE HQ, then walking down a flight of stairs, and out a door to an unknown location.

Screenshots of CM Punk's posts to Instagram Stories
Screenshots of CM Punk’s posts to Instagram Stories

WWE HQ is located in Stamford, Connecticut, which is around a 1.5-hour drive from Hartford, CT – the location of tomorrow’s post-Backlash RAW. It seems likely Punk might stay in Connecticut for an appearance on the red brand, but that has not been confirmed.

WWE legend excited about CM Punk vs. Drew McIntyre

CM Punk is currently recovering from a tricep injury, and Drew McIntyre is coming out of recovery for an elbow injury. However, it’s believed that WWE will book the big first-time-ever match when both men are medically cleared.

Matt Hardy is no stranger to The Second City Saint or The Scottish Warrior. He has wrestled both men dozens of times and teamed up with them. Speaking on his Extreme Life podcast, Hardy talked about why Punk vs. McIntyre can main event a premium live event with no titles involved as the personal grudge makes it a big deal.

“The entertainment that has been built between these two competitors is what is gonna make this match. It’s not having great matches on the road to this blow-off match, it is the entertainment factor between these two guys. Drew has been super entertaining, Punk has been super entertaining, and now there’s a legit beef, there’s something personal between these two – a rivalry. And that’s once again, what I dwell on, I say it ad-nauseam… that’s what is important to build issues in pro wrestling,” Matt Hardy said. [From 4:25 to 4:51]


Hardy went on to give unique insight into why drama is important to pro wrestling, and why McIntyre vs. Punk really works.

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