Cody Rhodes is waiting for an opportunity to take down popular WWE star: “Deep history”

Cody Rhodes has managed to fend off the challenges of Roman Reigns and AJ Styles in the span of a month in WWE. The culmination of WrestleMania XL was cited as the climax of The American Nightmare’s “Finish the story” angle.

Be that as it may, Cody has now brought to light that there is an opponent with whom he shares a deep history. He disclosed that the only way he truly finishes his story is if he gets one over veteran WWE Superstar R-Truth.

Truth is one of the most loved wrestlers on the roster and is currently in possession of the World Tag Team Championship alongside The Miz. Many feel that this is the company’s way of rewarding the veteran for always finding a way to make lemonades out of lemons, despite whatever is thrown at him.

Rhodes is apparently not a fan, as he elaborated on his issues with Truth while discussing with Fightful about the lowest-rated superstar in the latest video game, WWE 2K24:

“Lowest rated superstar in WWE 2k24? R-Truth,” Cody Rhodes said. “I think Stardust lost 42 different times to R-Truth. Sometimes the matches were less than two minutes. So when people say finishing the story, part of finishing that story is beating R-Truth. Right now, I can’t touch him. Everyone loves R-Truth. He’s the man and I have to be, ‘Oh, great, R-Truth!’ But if you see R-Truth come in the Rumble and me just double leg him and take him down. You’ll know why. Deep history.”

His current reign as Undisputed WWE Champion marks The American Nightmare’s first in his long and accomplished career. The fairy tale ending to his seventeen-year-long climb to the top of the mountain on The Greatest Stage of Them All last month appears to be only the beginning.

Cody Rhodes is also looking forward to another blast from the past in WWE

It seems Cody Rodes is someone who wishes to rectify some of the things that happened during his first run in the Stamford-based promotion. Aside from his issues with R-Truth, he also hopes to revisit a notable rivalry with his mentor, Randy Orton.

During a recent conversation with the media at the Backlash France post-show press conference, The American Nightmare admitted that who he was a decade ago, Orton would easily wipe the floor with him. However, he added that today it feels like a first-time-ever showdown, now that things have changed.

The 14-time WWE World Champion celebrated with his protégé in the ring after the main event of WrestleMania XL. The two embraced and for the first time, Cody stands as the top guy in the company. The Viper knew that Rhodes had come a long way from being a member of his stable, the Legacy.

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