Solo Sikoa sends a cryptic message to Jey Uso after confrontation with The Bloodline

Solo Sikoa has sent a cryptic message aimed at Jey Uso. At WWE Backlash France, The Bloodline came face to face with the former faction member.

Jey was one of the original members of The Bloodline when the faction was initially formed by Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman. Over the years, several other members of the Anoa’i family, including Jimmy Uso and The Rock were also added to the group. Former Honorary Uce, Sami Zayn, was also a member of the group for many months.

Since leaving The Bloodline, Jey has been focusing on his singles career. However, WWE has once again teased the involvement of Jey in The Bloodline storyline.

On Instagram, Sikoa shared a photo of the faction’s confrontation with Jey Uso from WWE Backlash France.

Check out a screengrab of Sikoa’s Instagram story below:

Jey Uso previously stated The Bloodline would keep adding more members

Months after leaving the faction, Jey Uso claimed that The Bloodline would keep adding members.

Speaking on The Battleground Podcast, Jey Uso sent a message on behalf of the faction. He claimed that The Bloodline would keep running things around in WWE. Jey said:

“Not really, Uce. We the ones, right? We the Bloodline, Uce. Whether we be separated or not, we just that good now, in every way. People need to step up because we gonna keep running it, Uce, and we’re gonna keep adding more. Bro, we deep. The Bloodline run deep.”

During the tag team match between Tama Tonga & Solo Sikoa against Kevin Owens & Randy Orton, Tanga Loa debuted in WWE to disrupt the baby faces from winning the match and aligned with The Bloodline.

Amid Roman Reigns’ absence from WWE television, The Enforcer has taken charge of the faction and has added two new members. It remains to be seen how Reigns would fit into the storyline after returning, considering that he lost the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL.

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