Dominik Mysterio’s new romance seemingly confirmed on WWE RAW

The Judgment Day’s Dominik Mysterio’s new romance may have been confirmed during last night’s edition of WWE RAW in Hartford, Connecticut.

Finn Balor was supposed to battle Drew McIntyre last night in the first round of the King of the Ring Tournament but The Scottish Warrior was not medically cleared to compete. The Judgment Day kicked off the show and Jey Uso was announced as McIntyre’s replacement. During the opening segment of last night’s edition of RAW, Mysterio had his bandana around his neck.

However, that was not the case later on the show. Dirty Dom tried to get The Judgment Day to allow Carlito to be a part of the group. The veteran wanted help dealing with Latino World Order on SmackDown but World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest wasn’t interested. Mysterio did not have the bandana on during the backstage segment.

A WWE fan has now pointed out that it appears Liv Morgan had Dominik Mysterio’s bandana in her pocket in photos after the show. The two were recently spotted coming out of the same locker room seconds apart as well. Mysterio is in a storyline relationship with Rhea Ripley, who is currently out of action with an injury. Liv Morgan has taken credit for putting The Eradicator on the shelf.

WWE RAW star Rhea Ripley reveals her favorite thing about Dominik Mysterio

Former Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley shared her favorite thing about Dominik Mysterio. The Judgment Day members have had a bizarre on-screen relationship that has captivated WWE fans.

In a fan Q&A conducted by Sportskeeda Wrestling last year, Ripley was asked to name her favorite thing about Dominik Mysterio. The Eradicator noted that her stablemate has always had her back and been supportive of her.

“My favorite thinga bout Dom Dom? Man, what is there not to love about Dom Dom? My favorite thing is just how supportive he truly is to me. We have come a long way in our little relationship, and he’s always had my back,” she said. [From 00:45 – 01:00]

You can check out the video below:

Dominik Mysterio is currently dealing with an injury and his arm is in a sling. Only time will tell when the former North American Champion will return to action on WWE RAW.

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