The Rock’s daughter Ava stunned as top stars ‘kidnapped’ at WWE show; culprit responds

WWE is bringing momentum and strength to its backstage altercations. The May 7, 2024 episode of NXT showcased top stars getting beaten and stuffed into the trunk of a car before it sped away. Tony D’Angelo pulled off the kidnapping, and he abducted the crew members of the No Quarter Catch Crew, leaving their leader, Charlie Dempsey, alone.

This sudden turn of events has shocked everyone, including WWE Superstar Ava. The Rock’s daughter added a tweet on X where she tagged D’Angelo, asking him about the situation with a dumbfounded comment. In response, The Don sent a mischievous reply to her:

“I don’t know nothin about nothin,” wrote D’Angelo.

Dempsey and D’Angelo are currently feuding over the NXT Heritage Cup which is held by the No Quarter Catch Crew. The leader of the NQCC had said that he would let The Don know who he would be facing to win the cup. However, D’Angelo took matters into his own hands and kidnapped Dempsey’s teammates, forcing the leader to now be the only eligible fighter.

Charlie Dempsey was oblivious to this and entered the parking lot with the Heritage Cup in his hands. However, his team was kidnapped and taken away just moments before his entry. This has now turned into a big challenge for Dempsey, who just recently assumed the position of NQCC’s leader after the exit of Drew Gulak.

How a former WWE Superstar controlled the NXT Heritage Cup

The No Quarter Catch Crew was previously headed by former WWE wrestler Drew Gulak. He fought for his team and helped them win and retain the NXT Heritage Cup. However, Gulak was recently released along with 10 other NXT talents whom the company cut since they weren’t part of any of the upcoming storylines.

While Drew Gulak’s exit also has a connection with improper backstage conduct, his spot was left vacant after his exit. Charlie Dempsey has taken the lead ever since and has delivered several promos and segments as the new head of No Quarter Catch Crew. But the upcoming hurdle in the shape of Tony D’Angelo, where his teammates won’t be by his side, might be a difficult nut for him to crack.

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