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The Rock is probably the biggest star in the world of professional wrestling. He rose to prominence in WWE during the Attitude Era and was involved in a generational rivalry with Stone Cold Steve Austin. After making a name for himself in WWE, he also became a bankable actor and starred in many blockbusters, such as The Scorpion King, The Fast and Furious franchise, Jumanji series, and many more. However, there are some things that fans might not know about The Rock.

Despite coming from a wrestling family, Dwayne Johnson’s childhood wasn’t that happening. His family struggled to have a steady income and when he was 15, his family fell into poverty. He even got entangled in the criminal world and got arrested multiple times when he was a teen. Before becoming a professional wrestler, The Rock also tried his luck in football. But he wasn’t successful and decided to start training for wrestling.

Also, he is not the cousin of Roman Reigns. They come from the same Anoa’i family but don’t share the same blood. Rock’s grandfather, Peter Maivia, and Roman’s grandfather, Reverend Amituana’i Anoa’i, were extremely close friends and considered themselves blood brothers. The two brought their families to the wrestling business and formed the Anoa’i family.

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These are the unknown facts about The Rock

  • Broke childhood
  • Arrested as a teen
  • Undercover cop
  • Football career
  • ‘SmackDown’
  • He is not Roman Reigns’ cousin?
  • His ex-wife is his manager
  • The Rock’s daughter is in WWE as well
  • World Record for highest number of selfies
  • Role in ‘The Mummy’

Watch the entire video above to learn unknown facts about The Rock.

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