32-year-old star could align with Roman Reigns upon his WWE return, says veteran, due to problem regarding The Usos

Wrestling veteran Matt Morgan believes Jacob Fatu could join forces with Roman Reigns upon the latter’s return to WWE. The Tribal Chief went on hiatus after losing his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship to Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania XL.

Meanwhile, Solo Sikoa took over The Bloodline, kicking out Jimmy Uso and adding Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa. Although Sikoa recently claimed Reigns asked him to take charge of the group in his absence, many still believe the two will clash upon The Head of The Table’s comeback.

As Sikoa has his group now, several WWE fans and experts speculated that Reigns could reunite with The Usos to re-form their Bloodline group and feud with The Enforcer’s Bloodline faction.

Although Morgan thinks that scenario could happen, he believes The Usos should not join forces with The Tribal Chief immediately upon his return due to their history with him. Meanwhile, he claimed 32-year-old Jacob Fatu could debut to align with the former Undisputed WWE Universal Champion as the latter rebuilds trust with his cousins.

“I liked that my boy, Tonga Loa, debuted. I think that’s awesome. I’m excited for him. But I’m just very very curious now how they’re gonna debut him because I almost think if Roman comes back, he’s gonna some type of babyface, right? Maybe he’ll need him with him on his side because The Usos cannot just up and join Roman right away,” he said.

The TNA legend further stated that The Usos cannot reunite with Roman Reigns straightaway, considering their bitter history. He also asserted that the creative team should bring in Jacob Fatu as a babyface.

“That can’t happen. There has to be some storytelling to get us there with layers. They [The Usos] can’t just say, ‘Oh, we’re a family so we’re back together!’ He [Roman Reigns] put them through hell and back. Hell and back he put them through. So, I mean, they bring [Jacob] Fatu in as a babyface. My opinion, they should have brought him in first. I really that!” [3:15 – 4:15]

Will WWE Hall of Famer Paul Heyman also join Roman Reigns’ Bloodline upon his comeback?

Paul Heyman has looked uncomfortable and scared with Solo Sikoa’s actions since the latter took control of The Bloodline following WrestleMania XL. However, The Wiseman has continued to show loyalty to The Enforcer and the group.

However, WWE personality Sam Roberts claimed Sikoa could kick The Wiseman out of his group ahead of Roman Reigns’ return while addressing the possibility of Haku replacing Heyman:

“Look, it’s not impossible, but Haku cannot do Paul Heyman promos. Like, Paul Heyman is there to do Paul Heyman promos. I mean, eventually, he might get thrown out right before Roman comes back, but Haku and Paul Heyman would serve two very different roles. Is Solo gonna do all the talking for The Bloodline? I don’t [know], he went from doing none of the talking to doing all of the talking? That’s my only problem,” he said on his Notsam Wrestling podcast.

The WWE Hall of Famer has been a major member of The Bloodline since its foundation nearly four years ago. It would be interesting to see where he will stand in a potential civil war within the faction.


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