WWE made a major mistake with Solo Sikoa and The Bloodline, says veteran

Wrestling veteran Matt Morgan believes that Solo Sikoa was not ready to become the leader of The Bloodline. After Roman Reigns went on hiatus following his loss at WrestleMania, The Enforcer seemingly established himself as the leader of The Bloodline.

Last night on SmackDown, Solo Sikoa informed Paul Heyman that The Tribal Chief had put him in charge of the group in his absence. On the Gigantic Pop podcast, Morgan claimed Sikoa was not ready to become the leader of The Bloodline.

The veteran claimed that Solo’s promo skills and appearance do not qualify him for the position. Morgan also pointed out that it was not The Enforcer’s fault that he was booked for that role.

“I’ll be honest, anybody would kill for the spot Solo Sikoa is in right now, me included, right? If I were still wrestling. But you also don’t wanna be put in spots that you’re not ready for. With respect, he’s not ready to be the leader of that group. He’s just not. It’s nothing against him. It’s nothing he’s doing wrong. It’s not his deal. He can wrestle anybody. But the promo component of it and being believable as a leader—he just doesn’t look like it,” he said.

The TNA legend added:

“Even the suit he was wearing, it felt like Creative went to him that day and said, ‘All right, you’re the leader! You need to wear this suit. Here you go!’ Roman [Reigns] would come out wearing like his workout gear, like his sweatpants and his Bloodline t-shirt and he still looked like a megastar no matter what that guy wore. And here, you’re dressing him up; you’re dressing Solo up fancy to try to pawn off that he’s the leader. It doesn’t work!” [5:11 – 6:13]

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi thinks “The Bloodline 2.0” under Solo Sikoa’s leadership looks good

Rikishi recently commented on Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa’s addition to The Bloodline. The WWE Hall of Famer stated that the group became stronger after they joined forces with Solo Sikoa.

Speaking on his Rikishi Fatu off The Top podcast, the legendary Samoan pointed out that his son and the Tonga brothers looked great together, claiming The Bloodline had no flaws.

“They look great. You know, I mean, with Solo in the middle and those two on the side, you know, with Paul Heyman, It just, there’s no flaws in The Bloodline, you know. What is it there, I like call it, some people are tagging it Bloodline 2.0. It’s a pretty good name, pretty cool,” he said.

After Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa, Jacob Fatu could be the next star to join The Bloodline storyline. Fatu has reportedly signed a contract with WWE. Matt Morgan recently suggested the real-life Bloodline member could align with Roman Reigns upon the latter’s return. It would be interesting to see if that will happen.


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