“There’s More on The Line Than Friendship”- Nikki Cross Takes a Shot at Alexa Bliss

A major partnership showed the first signs of discord this week on SmackDown. For months now, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross have been one of the most prominent tag teams in the women’s division of the WWE.

The unlikely alliance began more as a teacher-pupil relationship. A green Nikki Cross almost worshipped the Goddess. However, as time passed and the team turned babyface, their partnership has evolved into a more equal one.

In fact, it has helped Cross in transcending to the next level. One can even say that she has turned into the bigger star of the group.

Well, a dynamic like that is ripe for exploitation by the evil duo of Sasha Banks and Bayley. This week on SmackDown, they sowed the first seeds of a fissure in the team.

As Banks and Bayley looked to clear the championship picture, a disgruntled Nikki Cross appeared with Alexa Bliss. She declared that she would have been the SmackDown Women’s Champion, had it not been for the devious Sasha Banks.

However, Bayley disagreed with giving Cross another shot. As per her, there was another viable contender looming in the background.

That was none other than Cross’ best friend Alexa Bliss. Hence, they offered to give any one of them a title shot, only after they competed with each other in a match-up.

Bliss looked visibaly uncomfortable with this idea. However, a newly ambitious Nikki Cross was all in. To convince Bliss to participate in the match, she attacked her.

As Bliss got over this shock, the match was all set. After a wonderful back and forth battle, Cross gained the big victory. She will finally face Bayley next week on SmackDown.

Nikki Cross sends a warning to Alexa Bliss

Nikki Cross further stirred the pot after SmackDown went off air. She declared that friendship was important for her, but that wouldn’t stall her ambitions.

That’s a truly intriguing tweet from Cross. While Alexa Bliss is a more natural heel and thus a more intuitive choice for a betrayal, it’s Nikki Cross who’s showing more villainous tendencies at this point.

That certainly makes for some must-see television. It’s not for nothing that people have been calling the women’s division the best thing about the WWE at the moment.



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